15+ resources you need when learning French

You are working hard and want to be able to learn the language as fast as possible, right? I can understand that and it is possible to immerse yourself in the language even if you are in a English-speaking environment. Before you go to Quebec or a French-speaking...

The Coaching Difference

This post was written by Marie-Eve Brideau, founder and CEO of À la Perfection Language teacher, trainer, tutor or coach. How are they different from each other? Many people seem to misinterpret each aspect of the language training tree. Throughout my career, I have...

Using charts to dissect sentence structure

Learning French may seem a daunting task if you imagine that the language you know, English, is totally different from French. It appears as a huge mountain to climb when in reality, you already have almost 50% of the job done just by knowing English. So how do I take...

4 tips to help you remember vocabulary

Learning a new language is a long process but it doesn’t have to be painful. Vocabulary words do have to be learned but there are easier ways to do it than read and repeat those infamous vocabulary lists. Ewww! Start with the words and expressions that you...

How to ensure your success when learning French

Learning French requires time and effort. Your success is directly related to the actions you take. It won’t feel like an unsurmountable mountain if you follow some basic rules. Planning your success with S.M.A.R.T. goals Have you ever heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals?...

Free Goal Setting Master Class

Day 1

Delve into the first of three parts of the Goal Setting training to help you clarify your vision.

Day 2

Delve deeper in this second part of three to help you set up goals related to the language mechanics.

Day 3

Finish this training with the last part to help you set goals related to fluency.