Neurolanguage Coaching® is a different approach to language training and I want to help you understand how it can help you learn any language and in particular the French language. Today, I want us to explore The Perfect Learning State, a state of mind and being that allows for learning to be much more effective, efficient and sustainable.

Learning French with neuroscience on your side

You may wonder: how could my stress levels impact my learning. This goes for anything you are trying to learn but especially a language. The limbic system, which regulates our flight or fight instinct, is an instinctual machine and reacts to protect us and survive. When we encounter a stressor or danger, it can block the brain sections that are focused on learning. It made sense when we needed to run away from a bear, but not so much when it comes to everyday stress-agents.

There are many potential stressors when it comes to language learning. The fear of looking silly, the fear of forgetting words, the fear of not being successful… to name a few. By understanding neuroscience and your own brain patterns, you can overcome those fears and move forward on your journey to learn French.

A threat is a threat

Our body’s response to stress is to shut down everything that is not essential… and thinking of how to say a word in French, your second language, is definitely not something essential when you are faced with an immediate danger. However, the limbic system of the brain doesn’t make the difference between a threat to your life or a threat to your ego. The same goes if you have a presentation to make or are preparing for an interview. It is normal to be nervous but the more you do it, the better you get at it. Have you ever found yourself stumbling on your words at the beginning of a presentation and as it progressed, you got more and more confident and everything flowed better? By training your brain to see the new language as the new normal, you can calm your brain and ensure full access to your knowledge.

Relaxation to ensure the perfect flow of knowledge

To help you take control on your stress levels and give you access to all the language knowledge that you havbeach-394503_1920e acquired in school or training, try relaxing with breathing exercises, meditation and positive affirmations. You will find that it is much easier to retrieve all that grammar and vocabulary information if you are relaxed.

Before you start working on your next French assignment, whether it is for a private session, a class or work on your own, place yourself in a positive mindset. Close your eyes and imagine that you are successful and having a vivid discussion in French with your colleagues. Also, working in a positive environment will improve your retention. Find a comfortable spot in your home or your office, use a nice pen and notebook, have a nice cup of tea and put some music to help you concentrate.

Start experimenting with this quick 5-minute guided visualization to help your brain fully relax before you jump into your next French exercise. We’d love to hear what you think and if you noticed any changes in your learning abilities.

Download the visualization here

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